Thursday, December 7, 2006

“craxdui.dll” and “crviewer9.dll”; the file “craxdrt9.dll” is not getting registered.

Following are the reasons for the problem that I identified during long session of conversations.

Crystal 9.0 is basically a managed code but it can be used as COM objects in VB 6.0 applications. So instead of runtime libraries we need complete of reusable DLL files which is around 26 files
Crystal Report 9.0 have almost 7 services packs due to huge number of problems in this first release of managed code we need to make sure that we have latest services pack on developers machine before creating a setup of the project.
create a new installer including all files mentioned below and then install on client machine.

sacommoncontrols.dll ,
filedialog.dll ,
crdb_dictionary.dll ,
p2ixbse.dll ,
CRAnalyzer.dll ,
sscdlg.dll ,
sscrc.dll ,
keycode.dll ,
u2ddisk.dll ,
u2ftext.dll ,
crtslv.dll ,
ExportModeller.dll ,
crxf_xls.dll ,
crxf_wordw.dll ,
crxf_rtf.dll ,
crxf_pdf.dll ,
sscsdk80.dll ,
exlate32.dll ,
querybuilder.dll ,
crdb_odbc.dll ,
crdb_dao.dll ,
crdb_ado.dll ,
crqe.dll ,
Implode.dll ,
u25samp1.dll ,
u25dts.dll ,
u252000.dll ,
u2lfinra.dll ,
u2lexch.dll ,
u2ldts.dll ,
u2lcom.dll ,
u2l2000.dll ,
ufmanager.dll ,
crtowords_en.dll ,
unicows.dll ,
craxddrt9.dll ,
craxdrt9.dll ,
crviewer9.dll ,

above files are included basically in PD wizard

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


well i think i should make it since IE 7 is launched by MS with these words in each empty tab :)

Blue Screen Error when update to SPS 2007

i belive the problem is due to installtion failure of .NET 3.0 so i have downloaded the new framework and now gona try it you can download the entire insllation of .net 3.0 from MS site link is

Virtual Machine Reset Error Code (13)

since last two months facing this problem tried everything i know about computers and VMs finally found a solution which very basic.
if you are facing similar problem simply disable the hyper threading from setup and this problem will be resolved.