Friday, December 7, 2007

Compaing managment tool

Today me and my team is searching for good CRM with compaign managment feature. none of the good software provides all features related to customer requriment. i think we should go for a custom one.
there are not multi compaign fetures and lot more that we need. i have not idea now wat to do.

BizTalk 2006 is unable to validate the Char data Type of SQL server 2005

we ll i am posting the same bolg again so it will be more short this time

the problem is if you use generated items from SQL adapter for a stored procedure with Char data type as parameter or you use an update gram with char data type of SQL server you will be unable to validate the generated schema. i observed this thing couple of months back so thought to share it with other.

the resolution is to change either the data type of the table field if your table filed is not critical or change the type of Stored procedure parameter. alternatively you can change the data type of schema from Char to xs:string

hope everybody will be able to understand it